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Preparing For Your Child's First Dentist Visit

The first trip to the dentist is a big milestone for parents and kiddos. Dentist offices specializing in pediatric dentistry can make that first dental visit even more comfortable and fun.

However, the dentist is still unfamiliar with strange people, sounds, and tools. So, how do you prepare for your child's first dental appointment? Here are our tips to help parents and their children get ready for that first dentist trip.

Schedule the First Dentist Appointment Early

Children around 2 or 3 years old usually have their first teeth cleaning experience once they have a mouth full of teeth and can understand what's happening. However, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends seeing a dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth appears.

It may seem strange to take a baby to the dentist, but children who wait to see a dentist until 4 or 7 years old are more likely to have tooth decay.

Stay Positive About the Dentist

Many adults are nervous about taking trips to the dentist, and the same goes for kids. Talk to your child about dentists in a positive light to help ease any anxieties around the dentist.

This may involve explaining that dentists are people who help keep teeth strong and healthy. Or, read a book about visiting the dentist with their favorite character.

We think dentists are superheroes, so your kids might too!

Make the Teeth Cleaning Fun

Practice brushing your teeth at home as soon as your child starts getting teeth. Singing a fun toothbrushing song or using toothbrushes with bright colors and cartoons can make teeth cleaning a more positive experience early on.

To better prepare your child for that first dentist appointment, try playing a game where you ask them to open their mouth so you can count their teeth.

Understand What to Expect

The first dental visit is about getting your child comfortable with the dentist and establishing trust. It's also a great opportunity to educate parents or guardians on how to help their kids take care of their smiles.

During the first dental visit, your dentist will ask about your child's brushing habits and diet. Then, they will examine their teeth and gums. The dentist may also count your child's teeth.

If your child is about 2 or 3 years old and ready for teeth cleaning, the dentist may show them different dental tools they'll use to clean their teeth and explain brushing techniques. Like adults, a dentist will use tools to scrape plaque and tartar off the teeth and an electric cleaning tool to polish the teeth with toothpaste. To make the experience more fun, dentists may offer kid-friendly toothpaste flavors.

Choose the Right Dentist

Schedule your child's first dentist visit with a pediatric dentist. These dentists specialize in caring for young children's smiles and can make the whole experience more fun and comfortable. Our pediatric dentistry team at Dentologie offers a child-friendly environment and stellar dental care for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Book your visit today!

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