Worth the Investment

A brighter smile in just 90 minutes.




teeth whitening before
teeth whitening after


Step 1


We pre-polish your teeth to remove any surface level staining to ensure that we are getting the most out of your whitening appointment. 


Step 2


Once we're done with air polishing, we will apply a gingival barrier on your gums to avoid getting the whitening gel on them, then we will apply the Pola Rapid whitening gel to your teeth in four 8-minute sessions.  

Step 3


We will take an "after" photo of your beautiful teeth and send you home with post-op instructions on how to keep your newly whitened teeth in great condition.

Why Choose Dentologie for Teeth Whitening?

We believe that consistency is the key to success with teeth whitening treatments. Plenty of patients come in with certain expectations, so they tend to select the quickest solution. At Dentologie, our ultimate goal is to provide teeth whitening services that go above and beyond your expectations in terms of cost, speed, and results. We’re teeth whitening dentists in Chicago focused on your needs. Best of all, we aren’t only a tooth whitening operation. We offer an array of services, such as:

  • Alignment (teeth straightening, correct position, Invisalign)
  • Contouring (cosmetic dentistry with bonding for teeth shaping to help them appear to patient wishes)
  • Emergency dental care

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Join the Glow Up Club!

To deliver the best results possible, we offer our Glow Up Club as an alternative to traditional teeth whitening.
This is a year-round professional teeth whitening service that allows you to keep your smile looking great all year long. For just $45 per month, you receive three whitening sessions per year and discounts on Invisalign, additional whitening treatments, and more. You won’t find a better value in Chicago, guaranteed!

Teeth Whitening FAQs

How long is the appointment?
Typically, 90 minutes.
What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
You can take ibuprofen prior to the appointment to decrease sensitivity or if you’re prone to sensitivity, you can also start using sensitivity toothpaste 1-2 weeks prior to your appointment.
How does the best teeth whitening in Chicago work?
We use the air polisher to remove any external stain. Yellowing of teeth comes from both internal and external stains. The whitening gel penetrates the outer layer of the tooth structure and oxidizes staining molecules in the interior layers of the tooth to make your teeth whiter. The higher concentration of gel, the more oxidation occurs.
What happens if my teeth don’t whiten?
Some staining is much harder to remove than others. For example, smoking and tetracycling staining are usually the hardest to remove. Your doctor will consult with you to see if additional procedures are needed to get you to your desired shade.
Do crowns, veneers, and filling whiten?
Unfortunately, whitening only works on natural tooth structure so crowns, veneers, and fillings do not whiten.
Does whitening hurt?
Most people have sensitivity after the whitening procedure. We typically see it last 12-16 hours post-procedure. Using a combination of ibuprofen and sensitivity toothpaste helps relieve the sensitivity.
How often do I need to whiten?
We always tell our patients that whitening is like working out. You can work out really hard one time, but unless you consistently go to the gym, you won’t see results. In-office teeth whitening is a great way to get a boost to your desired tooth shade but at-home custom whitening trays are the best to maintain your desired whitening level. The absolute best way to whiten is to get the in-office whitening procedure once a year coupled with using at-home custom whitening trays every couple of months.
How is getting whitening at Dentologie different from other places?
Our doctors have spent 10 years perfecting the right algorithm to get whiter teeth. Part of this is understanding newer modalities of treatment to effectively remove external staining in combination with the highest quality in-office whitening solutions. We’ve tried all the best products out there and have found the ones that work most effectively.
Why does teeth whitening in Chicago cost so much?
Our costs are very competitive, especially considering the high-quality materials, equipment, and services we provide. Joining our Glow Up Club gives you even more savings!
We have the knowledge, staff, and equipment necessary to get you the best teeth whitening results possible. The results are worth the investment.