Let's get you smiling.

Step 1

3D Modeling

We use an iTero scanner to create a precise 3D model of your teeth, which helps us customize your aligners to fit perfectly. Better fit means faster results, helping you save money.

Step 2

Smile Design

We "design" what your ideal smile will look like, and Invisalign prints a series of aligners, made just for you, which you change out every week until you are happy with the results.

Step 3

Complete Cycles

Our process is broken down into cycles. After each one we re-scan your teeth to check your progress and adjust as needed. 85% of our patients finish treatment after just two cycles.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Why Invisalign at Dentologie?

Better Technology,  Better Results

Clear aligners work the same way braces do, but they're far more efficient, and comfortable too. Using 3D technology, attachments and Interproximal Reduction (IPR), we can ensure your aligners fit perfectly, so you can see progress more quickly. And of course, Invisalign is the gold standard of clear aligners. To cap off the perfect smile, we also offer teeth whitening treatments throughout and after your Invisalign cycle.

Accessible, Personalized Care

We meet patients where they are. By balancing virtual check-ins with in-person appointments, Invisalign at Dentologie requires only 4-6 visits on average. Other systems can take up to twenty. We make the most of your time and tailor our process to get the results you want.

Faster, Cheaper, More Effective

We know cost is always a consideration when looking into Invisalign. Dentologie prides itself on delivering the best results to move your teeth at the most affordable price.  

Invisalign  typically takes 6–8 months to complete—most aligners take about a year and a half, and cost up to $5,000. We saw a chance to change the game and we took it. By redesigning the aligner experience, Invisalign  will not only get you smiling, it will save you time and money.


Chicago Invisalign FAQs

Why Choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces?
Choosing Invisalign braces is a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned. They’re virtually invisible, they’re comfortable, and they’re convenient, too. Invisalign is available at all of Dentologie’s comfortable and inviting locations in the Chicago area. Best of all, with our Invisalign Aligners, you don’t have to wear them for years like you have had to in the past.
How Does Invisalign Work?
Our process starts with a consultation, where we’ll sit down, go over aligner treatments, and figure out the best solutions for your orthodontic care. We’ll use our advanced technology to create a 3D model and design plan. From there we’ll create custom aligners for each step of the process.
Do Insurance Companies Cover the Cost of Invisalign?
Understanding how to pay for Invisalign is a major issue for a lot of people, but dental insurance often covers the cost of your teeth aligners. If your insurance doesn't cover Invisalign, or if you have out-of-pocket expenses beyond what your insurance covers, we offer Dentologie Plus to help you pay for your oral health needs.
Is Invisalign Painful?
Once you meet with your Invisalign dentist and receive your aligners, you might worry about the pain and discomfort. This discomfort is usually mild and temporary, and it typically subsides after a few days as the teeth adjust to the new aligners.Some patients may also experience some pressure or tightness when they switch to a new set of aligners. This indicates that the teeth are moving into the desired position. This is normal and is a sign that the treatment is working.
Are There Food Restrictions with Invisalign?
There are no specific food restrictions with Invisalign, but it is important to remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water. This is because food particles and sugary drinks can get trapped in the aligners and increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.After eating, it's important to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back in. This helps to keep your teeth and aligners clean and free of food particles. It's also a good idea to rinse your aligners with water before putting them back in to remove any food debris or bacteria that may have accumulated on them.
How Often Do I Need to Wear My Invisalign Aligners?
We recommend that you wear your aligners as much as possible. For the fastest results, you’ll want to keep them in for 20-24 hours per day. The only time you’ll take them out is when you’re eating, brushing, or flossing. It's important to wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time each day to ensure that the teeth are moving into the desired position as quickly and effectively as possible. Failure to wear the aligners for the recommended amount of time can prolong the treatment time or even compromise the results.